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We can be reached at (914) 606 -2536. Please leave a message with your contact information if you’re calling outside of regular business hours. 

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Probably the fastest way to get a quick response. However, if this is regarding a service request – we’d ask that you submit a ticket to document all of the changes through our support system. 

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Talking points

Just a few things we’re going to cover during your free consultation 

Understanding your world

We will need to understand your world and your business to help build you a website that truly meets and hopefully exceeds your needs. It’s incredibly important that any web design firm fully understand their clients.  “Nice looking” by itself doesn’t actually sell; it’s not even necessary in many cases. We understand that as a business owner, you already know this, and in most cases are concerned it won’t bring you additional cash-flow. If a web design firm is trying to sell you on the notion that nice looking equals sales, that should only serve to highlight how tone deaf and naive they are to your situation.

Website Design

Understanding your design needs and how you’d like your website constructed. We focus on data of people using mobile, for instance, and how that affects sales, related to their current customer flow. It’s not that “nice design” is unimportant, it’s that it should be icing. “Improving the quality of your brand” is a complete package, which includes all operational efficiency which keeps a business ticking. The difference between knowing something will help your bottom line and simply liking the aesthetics is the difference between an investment and an expense.

Understanding your customer 

When your customer decides to interact; How do they do it? Do they usually call first, or physically walk into a store? Is it a big ticket item which may typically take a month or more for someone to decide or is their bread and butter impulse buys? What kind of person are you selling to? Regular consumers, owners of other businesses, etc .Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is key to achieving core business goals. Whether you’re trying to build (or optimize) the customer experience, create more engaging content or increase sales. Knowing your customers better than they do is key.

Hosting and maintenance 

We’re going to talk about how we can  transfer your current site or install the one we’re building you from scratch on our lighting fast and secure servers. We’re also going to answer any questions you may have regarding our maintenance plan that allows us to do unlimited website service requests. (included in the maintenance agreement are all associated hosting fees)

Path of sale

For instance, promotions, referrals, directories, etc.  Sales should be simple.  Simple for a customer to find what they want and to pay for it. With building websites for your brick and mortar store – sometimes less is more. Maybe you’ve hit that point where your physical business is no longer improving its revenues? You crave growth, but it seems like many customers are more comfortable purchasing online, and you’re just not sure about the transition?  Adding an online platform is one of the easiest processes you’re going to encounter as a business owner as long as the people you’re working with understand e-commerce.

Business Relationship

Exceptional client service constitutes a core value for the business, and we always aim to become a trusted partner of our clients, rather than viewing ourselves as just “web designers”. Our hope is that we can help your business’s digital footprint grow and help you feel confident that you can rely on Croton Web Design to be reliable, trustworthy and experienced enough to handle all of your website and hosting needs. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition through strong relationships, and our level of service is one of the very reasons clients continue to work with us.

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